Rose Bouquet

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  • Sustainable farm-to-vase approach We use only use flowers from within the province this means we have a VERY low carbon foot print.
  • You see what you get We email you a photo of the arrangement being sent out on your behalf so that you know exactly what you're getting for your money. No disappointment included.
  • More blooms for your bucks We don’t have massive overhead like a brick and mortar shop so that value goes in to bigger bolder flowers for you! Many shops toss out a whopping 45% of their flowers each week. Someone has to pay for that and that someone is you! We have less than a 3% toss away rate. We do this by having a very clean product line and supplying our clients with locally sourced seasonal mixed bouquets. No flower gets left behind!
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Rose Bouquet
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For your

Bespoke Blossoms loves weddings. We work with you side-by-side from our first meeting to create a custom made floral fairy tale to match your custom love story. During our in-depth couple discovery process, we embrace and translate your relationship quirks into unique arrangements. A step beyond other shops, we know your dream wedding day bouquet is defined by more than what flowers are in season or your wedding theme.

We can help make your day perfect. 

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Make your business

Your business is driven by your customers and your employees. Fresh flowers are an easy way to beautify your office or retail space to enhance your client’s experience and keep them coming back, and to give your employees that extra mental health boost to help them dial into their deadlines without feeling the grind.

Flowers can help your business grow!

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Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business and a thriving piece of what makes Bespoke Blossoms a community minded company. By focusing on local sourcing we can support local pollinators, lower transportation costs, and decreases the carbon footprint. Our farm-to-vase approach allows us to support local farms and supply the highest quality, freshest cut product.

Bespoke Blossoms is committed to sustainability!

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