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About Us

A New Generation of Floral Design

We're not your average flower shop

Bespoke Blossoms was founded Victoria, BC in 2017 to challenge conceptions of the floral industry and bring innovative design and farm fresh product directly to consumers. We got tired of seeing the same dated designs with names like “Buttons and Butterflies” in every corner shop. We strive every day to bring something new and fresh to the table to blow your expectations of what flowers should be directly out of the water.

When you send flowers to someone, you want them to be overwhelmed and surprised. We get it and we want to be there with you. Whether you're sending flowers to show your Love, your Sorrow, to say “Thank You” or really just to brighten someone's day, we're going to put everything we've got into delivering an amazing arrangement.

bespoke   [ bih-spohk]
made to individual order; custom-made:
a bespoke jacket.
Older Use. engaged to be married; spoken for.
Bicycle in a Field

Setting the Standard

We built Bespoke Blossoms from the ground up to provide the best product to our customers, to be good stewards of our environment, and to contribute meaningfully to our community

Local First

We work with a network of small scale farmers and microfarmers to support local agriculture and reduce carbon footprint from long import flights

Plastics Free Packaging

Our bouquets are all shipped with stylized cloth wrapping and a compostable hydration pack in a recyclable cardboard box.

Reduced Waste

The average flower shop throws away up to 35% of their floral product on a routine basis. Between our Lean Predictive Model for ordering stock, and a robust upcycling program, ours is less than 5%

Reduced Floral Foam

Floral foam contains toxic chemicals and doesn't break down well. When we do have to use it, we use as little as we can, and prefer reusable wire mesh or other alternatives.

Award Winning Design

We are honoured and humbled by the recognition from our professional community.

VIWIA Winner 2018 Best Overall Florist
VIWIA Winner 2018 Best Overall Florist
VIWIA Winner 2019 Best Wedding Florals
VIWIA Winner 2019 Best Wedding Florals
BCWA Winner 2020 Best Bridal Bouquet
BCWA Winner 2020 Best Bridal Bouquet
BCWA Winner 2020 Best Wedding Florist - Overall
BCWA Winner 2020 Best Wedding Florist - Overall
CEW Winner 2021 Most Creative Floral Design
CEW Winner 2021 Most Creative Floral Design
Bouquet and wedding ring. Bride in white dress

Showstopping Weddings

We specialize in over-the-top wedding florals to bring lush, elegant, detailed luxury to your event.

With award winning performance and hundreds of successful events, there's nothing we can't handle.

A Bespoke Blossoms Wedding
Blooms For Benefits Logo

Our #BloomsForBenefits program works to raise money for charities supporting local mental health initiatives and to provide flowers to local seniors homes.

We believe we have a responsibility to empower and promote mental health and well being in our local community through fundraising, donation, art and general kindness.

If you have a cause that you feel contributes to the good of the community, please contact us and let's talk about how to collaborate to bring your vision together.

We Dare To Be Different

We are inspired by all the creative, wonderful things in the world around us and don't limit ourselves to standard floral design. We have pulled from so many artistic disciplines, such as street art, nail design, and high fashion, and never put ourselves into a box.

Model covered in floral art
Model with full floral headpiece
Model with baby's breath crown and compound flower
Model with floral mask over eyes and lip bite
Photography By Tristan Williams
Pride parade 2019 with drag performers wearing floral art.

Diversity is Strength

We can't draw our inspirations from the world if we close our minds to new cultures, ideas, and art. We invite, celebrate, and support diverse perspectives from all walks of life.

We love Love in all of its languages, and we are allies to all races, creeds, sexual orientations, genders, and identities.

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