Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day Flowers

The Bespoke Blossoms 2024 Valentines Day Line

Taste the Fruit of the Gods

Celebrate Valentine's Day with our expertly crafted flower arrangements, blending romance, visceral sensuality, and a small dash of delicious hedonism. Our award-winning design team has really outdone themselves with this year's Valentine's Day theme, presenting bouquets that epitomize love and extravagant allure. Immerse yourself in the richness of each bouquet, meticulously designed for a soul-fulfilling indulgence. Explore the captivating "Fruit of the Gods" Valentine's Day flower line-up, a perfect fusion of love and floral elegance.

Juicy Peach Bouquet in the dark

Juicy Peach

If you’re looking for innuendo, go no further. This is our first bouquet to integrate real lighting elements, so you can turn the lights down and still show off one of the juiciest bouquets ever. We’ve brought the shimmer, we’ve brought the shake, it’s up to you to bring the rest. This offering is very limited and we will definitely sell out, so make sure you’re at the front of the line.

Sink your teeth into this peach
Scent-sual Strawberry Fragrant bouquet

Apple of my Eye

This bouquet isn’t the worst sin, but it’s definitely the first sin. We’ve worked apples directly into the bouquet, you can spoil your partner with one of our elite designs, and a have healthy snack to keep your energy up. Also perfect for most teachers – just not YOUR teacher.

Take a Bite
Scent-sual Strawberry Fragrant bouquet

Scent-sual Strawberry Fragrant

If you’re looking to fill a whole room, this bouquet makes itself known. We’ve combined the most fragrant blooms of the season to really take advantage of our flowers’ most seductive and scent-sual experience. With fresh eucalyptus, hyacinth, ginestra, roses and stock, this bouquet is the pinnacle of multi-sensory experience.

Stop and smell the roses
The Love Island bouquet

Love Island

Can’t wait for a touch of summer? Bring home a bit of heat with a wild design, tropical flowers and sweet citrus vibes for a bright, bold and eccentric bouquet. Visually stunning, this bouquet is certain to warm up any room and any heart. Mystery, intrigue and danger included.

Book your ticket to paradise
The I Love You Berry Much bouquet

I Love You Berry Much

This year, I Love You Berry Much is our biggest, most luxurious bouquet in the lineup. It’s probably more appropriate to call this one a floral sculpture than a bouquet, with its modern colour blocking, exclusive vase, structural display, and premium blooms. This is truly our Ode to Love and we can’t wait to blow you away with this work of art.

Spoil Someone
Fruit of the Gods Bouquet

Fruit of the Gods

Red Rose Dozen

Each year, we like to take a new spin on the everlasting classic red rose dozen. This year, we added a myriad of luscious textures and sensual lines to really make our top quality roses explode with colour and energy. The Fruit of the Gods is rich, smooth and sexy and is always a step above your standard rose dozen. Break out the good bottle for this one, because it’s definitely a special occassion. You really can’t go wrong with the classics.

Drink Deeply
Sensory Self Care Box

Sensory Self Care Box

It’s time to take a break. We’ve put our most decadent offerings together in one care package. Bath bombs, chocolates, one of our brand new, exclusive Lumos candles, and a few gorgeous roses. Take care of yourself, send a special bath to a loved one, or a friend who just needs a bit of a break.

Treat yo'self
Cherry Lips Bouquet

Cherry Lips

Sweet and sensual with a delightful little pop. These cherry lips are a delicate, light bouquet, with simple, sexy lines and a fun, vibrant whimsy. Totally elegant and totally fun.

Kiss, kiss these cherry lips

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