Table spread with wine, cake and bouquets

Valentine's Day 2023

Our New 2023 Valentine's Day Flower Designs

Tuesday, January 31, 2023
By Nick Hepner

Okay, we’re not gonna lie. Last year, we did a lot of weddings with disco balls and now we’re obsessed. This year’s Valentine’s line is inspired by good retro vibes, but as always, with a Bespoke Blossoms twist. All of these bouquets are designed in-house by our award winning team and most will only be available through Valentine’s Day. We’re indulging in these delicious bouquets and we’re excited to introduce the world to this year’s lineup.

A Celebration of Love

We’ve always celebrated Love in all of its flavours. We still have our romantic classics, like the Hot Stuff bouquet, but our focus this year was to create a bouquet line that could be shared with all different kinds of relationships. Are you doing Galentine’s Day this year? Sending some flowers to a friend? Celebrating Singles Awareness Day and just want to spoil yourself? Oh yeah - we’ve got something for all of that. As always, Bespoke is an LGBTQ+ friendly organization. We love Love.

The Lineup

The Hot Stuff rose bouquet with table setting and disco balls

Hot Stuff

There’s really nothing quite as timeless and romantic as a bouquet of a dozen roses, and every year, we like to design a creative spin on this great classic. Our take on it this year uses soft tones and interesting textures to add just a hint of tropical flair to set the stage for a dozen stunning, high quality reflexed red roses. The loose styling creates an explosion of flowers for a big presence, high impact, and a bit of messy whimsy. This bouquet is rich and delicious and we’re totally in love with it. If you’re looking for a romantic gesture, this is the one. 

Saturday Night Fever bouquet with disco balls

Saturday Night Fever

The Saturday Night Fever bouquet is what you get when you leave floral designers in the back room and tell them that they can do what they want. This thing is just too much fun. A mix of gentle copper, pink, and whites betrays the raw charisma of this beautiful arrangement. A dramatic front-facing profile looks like a flower bomb going off and disco balls bring the bling to this retro beauty. This is a great option for your Galentine’s gift, or if you’re hosting your own personal kitchen dance party this year.

Woodland bouquet with felt mushrooms

I’m a Fungi

One of our vendor friends over at Retro Repurposed started making these amazing little mushrooms out of felt and inspiration just hit us like a moose. They now star center stage in our west coast woodland inspired bouquet “I’m a Fungi”. We use colors and textures from west coast forests, with a little embellishment, to create a peaceful and fun scene around these obscenely cute fly amanita. These toadstools are made of felt and as such are completely non-toxic (though I wouldn’t eat them) and you can repurpose them into your home decor. This bouquet is a great one for friends, family, people who love terrible puns, and kids. You can see more of Sheena's fun feltwork on instagram.

Bouquet with hot pink roses

Strawberries and Cream

This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, is rich and bold and delicious and we’re crazy about it. It just so happens that we’ve always loved our hot pink Gotcha roses (check out the Ziga Zig Ah!) and they match up PERFECTLY. We were inspired to create our Strawberries and Cream bouquet, and it’s everything it claims to be - creamy and delicious. This bouquet is youthful, whimsical and full of pop. These spectacular reflexed pink roses are set against a backdrop of whites and neutral colours, combined with clever use of negative space, making them very vibrant, loud and so much fun. This bouquet is perfect for a romantic partner, for your Galentine’s Day, or to make yourself feel special.

Colourful bouquet with tropical colors


Along the same lines as the Strawberries and Cream bouquet, we tried a few concepts with this Viva Magenta colour and really loved it too much. This treatment uses oranges and yellows to blend into our hot pink Gotcha roses and the effect is very vibrant and fantastical. Mixed with protea and little yellow balls of craspedia almost looks like an alien landscape. We used forsythia to drag the shape out and created a really dynamic bouquet with an incredible gradient between yellow, orange and hot pink. Forsythia looks a little like the invasive “scotch broom”, but we promise, it isn’t. This bouquet might not be your first stop for romance, but it’s a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for anyone else.

In the Garden garden rose bouquet

In the Garden

Part of why we put together the “In the Garden” bouquet is because if we’re being honest, we got impatient and are ready for spring already. In that spirit, we put together our ideal spring garden bouquet and brought together a luscious old world charm with a vibrant, fresh and relevant feel. Loaded with fragrant roses and lilac, this bouquet is going to smell incredible. This bouquet is a wonderful indulgence in luxury and is a better indicator that spring is coming than a groundhog. This bouquet is great for anyone who doesn't have a sensitivity to the scent of flowers.

The purple and moody Mystique bouquet


The Mystique is definitely one of our moodier designs, but we just can’t get enough of that deep, rich purple (C’mon.. it’s in our logo). We’ve experimented with some of our favorite colours and combined modern and garden blooms to create a truly rich texture-forward design. We’ve got a lot of red and pink for Valentine’s Day, and this bouquet is something a bit different. This bouquet would be a good fit for a friend, or someone who isn’t a huge fan of the typical Valentine’s Day fare.

White floral bouquet


The monochrome isn’t technically one of our Valentine’s Day bouquets, as we have this one year round, but it definitely deserves a spot on the list. This bouquet is all white with a diversity of textures and there really isn’t a situation that it doesn’t fit. This bouquet is perfect for a romantic partner, a friend, or yourself and is a safe bet to match their home decor.

Our Signature Lines

We have always loved our signature bouquet lines and that will never change. If you can’t find something for your loved one on this list, then it’s worth mentioning that we have the Wild Heart, The Kate, and the Mosaic. These lines are our signature bouquets, are year round favourites and are consistently our best sellers for a reason. These are always appropriate, and designed to fit a broad range of personas. 

In closing

We’re thrilled about Valentine’s Day every year, but this year we feel we’ve really explored some awesome design ideas and come up with a really strong lineup. We love the challenge of creating something new in a space where seemingly every idea has already been taken. We’ll always have a place in our hearts for a bouquet of classic red roses, but when every other flower shop is doing that, we want to be different. If you still can’t make a decision on what you want, definitely give us a call and we’re totally happy to help you choose, or even create your own custom masterpiece.