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Random Acts of Kindness Stories

Your Stories Connect Us All

Friday, February 17, 2023
By Nick Hepner

These are the stories that we've received for our Random Acts of Kindness Day free flowers promotion. Hopefully, these inspire positivity, love, and connection within our communities as we try to highlight the random kindness we find here.

From Chelsea:

A few years ago, I was headed out for some errands. It was cloudy outside, but not too cold, so I wore a pair of sneakers and didn’t bother to bring a jacket. I was planning on taking the bus, and the bus stop was about ten or fifteen minutes away from where I lived.

Just as I reached the stop to wait for my bus, it suddenly started to POUR rain—and we’re talking a shocking downpour here, not just a little rainfall! I was stuck there waiting for the bus at the bottom of a hill with no cover whatsoever and no jacket.

Seeing this, a car driving by pulled over, and the driver hopped out to give me his umbrella. I was stunned by the gesture, and I probably looked a little bewildered as I thanked him. It was such a kind thing to do, and it’s something I think about from time to time—there is still so much goodness in the world.

From Shawna Sugimoto:

I was standing in the Starbucks lineup on Tuesday and chatting with this lovely human in front of me about the new mug colors. Now if any of you know me…you know my fav color is turquoise (teal)…so of course I was admiring this one. When I was walking across the parking lot back to my office I looked over and that same lovely human was standing there waiting for me…she had bought me the mug!!!!!!!!! Almost everyone I have told this story to has responded with the same thing… “She was your angel” ❤️ I am commited now to pay it forward and hopefully brighten someone else’s day. Although I’m no angel 🤷🏽‍♀️😇

From Nick:

Many years ago, I didn't have very much money. I remember a day that was at the end of a really long, tough week at work. I was exhausted, and had just finished paying my rent and bills. I went to the grocery store with just enough money to get food to hold me over until the next paycheck. At the till, my card was declined due to insufficient funds. It's such a horrible feeling. My stomach dropped and I was humiliated. I must've had quite a look on my face.

The guy behind me in line told me not to worry about it and took care of the whole bill. I told him that it wasn't necessary, and he told me that when I'm in a better position, I should do the same thing for someone else. This has stuck with me my whole life. I still think about it often, and I have always felt that I should strive to be more like this guy. I have since paid it forward a number of times, and I hope that I've put forward that kindness.

From Elissa

At the beginning of Covid-19, I was at the grocery store doing some shopping on my way home from work. My husband was out of work, and we were operating on a limited budget. I was also 5 months pregnant at the time. I approached the till to pay for my food, and my debit card declined. Embarrassed and pretty scared, I tried my credit card, which declined too. In tears, I started removing items from the order, hoping to cut down the cost, when the person behind me put his hand on my shoulder and over his mask gave me a loving and understanding look. He paid for my bill. It had been a very hard month and he will never know what a positive affect that act of kindness had on our family! I felt very grateful that day.