The F*%& Cancer Bouquet

International Women's Day

20% Donated to Breast Cancer Research

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
By Nick Hepner

International Women's day is March 8th and while part of us  feels like we really should not  need a specific day to be respected and celebrated as individuals who identify as women here we are. So  let's take this opportunity to empower, uplift and celebrate each other. 

As I start to write this  I just got off the phone with a fellow female owned floral artist. She called for some advice on quoting a complicated wedding file. We chatted for over an hour about all the ins and outs of the file and stresses we have when juggling both making clients dreams come true as well as the realities of business and the rising cost of flowers. And of course the ever looming self doubt of if we are in fact great at what we do (you know that nasty imposter syndrome thing that so many creatives have)  the truth is she is great at what she does and will complete the wedding file with no issues at all. All she really needed was someone who understands what struggles and challenges  she experiences on a daily basis  to empower and support her. Women’s day is about celebrating  the past, current and future achievements of women in the world. As well as our strength and ability to empower others and make meaningful positive change in the world we all live in. 

This year we have chosen to create and design a bouquet to raise awareness and funds for a cause very close to all of our hearts - Breast Cancer. This past year one of our  sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently in treatment. She has been so strong, resilient and brave through her treatment, none of which anyone would ever hope their loved ones would have to be - fighting for their life. However many of us have experienced these feelings in relation to breast cancer, which is why its so important we continue to support breast cancer research. To make these days of forced strength, resilience and bravery fewer and  fewer. 

20% of each sale of the F*%& Cancer bouquet will go directly to Canadian Breast cancer research till March 21 2023 

Wishing all of us identifying as women a strong, empowered and brilliant day, week, month, year and life! 

-- The Ladies of Bespoke Blossoms