Amy and Marcy, a trans couple with dahlia bouquets

International Trans Day of Visibility

Take a day to celebrate diversity

Friday, March 31, 2023
By Nick Hepner

Today is the International Trans Day of Visibility. It’s tough sometimes to run a business and to show our support for causes that are important to us without appearing to commercialize the holiday. Given that the rights of Trans people in the United States are under such an aggressive assault, this is one that we don’t want to undermine the gravity of. At Bespoke Blossoms, we have always held diversity as a primary facet of our business and have always supported the LGBTQIA2+ communities. 

The world can be a difficult place. It can be far more difficult when you don’t feel comfortable in your own body. We can empathize with, and have team members, customers, friends and family that have made the decision to explore their gender identities in order to find a place where they can feel okay. In no uncertain terms, we support, love and encourage them to take the steps they need to foster their good mental health, and to make the best possible life for themselves.

The hostility and negativity that we’ve seen towards Trans people, even here in Victoria, is deeply unsettling. This holiday is an important recognition of a very marginalized group that are trying to make things make sense, and to find their place in the world, just like everyone else. The hatred directed towards these groups is vile, and can only be seen as stochastic terrorism. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these detractors are in the minority.

It’s important for everyone as a society to take a day to recognize the trans people in our lives. Remind them that they are supported, and loved, and that we see them. While trans people enrich our lives every day, we are excited to take today to celebrate the human journey, and Love in all of its forms, and even though we don’t say it every day…

You are important.

You are beautiful.

You are wanted.

You are loved.

If you’re trans and you’re in Victoria, stop by the shop this weekend (March 31 - Apr 1) and say “Hi”. We want to show our appreciation with a free small bouquet.