Crispidia that looks like virus.


Bespoke Blossoms and the Coronavirus

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
By Nick Hepner

As a flower company, we never expected to have to write a policy regarding a virulent pandemic, but with the advent of COVID-19 and its subsequent containment policies, we felt the need to really address how this will affect our operations over the course of this event.

How does this affect us at Bespoke Blossoms?

We can’t predict what may happen regarding international vendors, and we are seeing signs throughout the world that show that the floral market is really struggling through this period. Our business sources most of our flowers locally and uses direct relationships to growers whenever possible, which puts us less at risk of product shortages due to import restriction. That being said, there may be instances in which product substitutions become necessary. It is vital to support our local vendors through this time, as we prepare for a positive and productive relationship after the pandemic event has run its course.

As we move into our summer season, the largest changes we will be seeing are to scheduled events. Our events team is working tirelessly to ensure that all of our event customers can be accommodated and rescheduled if necessary. Generally, our policy does not allow for date changes, but as many events are being restricted by municipal and federal mandate, we are rescinding this limitation for events schedule before May 30th and allowing deposits to be put towards a new date, subject to availability, agreement between both Bespoke Blossoms and the client, and a two (2) week (14 calendar days) notice submitted by email or phone call. We will continue to reassess this timeline as we progress through this period.

If you have an event scheduled with us, we understand that you may be in the process of deliberating whether or not you need to reschedule. In this case, we ask that you reach out to us as early as possible and include us in the conversation whether you have made a decision or not, allowing us to help you pivot with the least amount of frustration.

At this time, we are still accepting new event bookings with some basic restrictions. We cannot ethically book events or event clients that we feel would compromise an existing booking, compromise the health of our employees, or that would be denied based on municipal or federal mandate. Currently, British Columbia is mandating that the maximum number of guests for a gathering is 50 people. This is subject to future changes and we will be following the applicable regulation for the smallest allowed event.

We are grateful to the residents and administration of Victoria, BC for taking this event with the appropriate gravity and severity. The measures that have been put in place are common sense, and generally effective to #flattenTheCurve. Thus far, this has kept the exposure rate within the Island Health region to a minimum and is allowing us to keep our doors open.

How are we responding?

The decision to remain open has not been without extensive deliberation. We are expecting to revisit these deliberations on a weekly basis, or daily if necessary. Our team is taking on many new protocols and precautions to prevent disease transmission based on CDC recommendations. Among them include...

  • Team members are committing to general social isolation.
  • Required hand-washing at dedicated intervals throughout the day.
  • “No contact” floral deliveries to homes and apartments.
  • “No contact” deliveries of supplies to our studio
  • Revised sanitization and surface cleaning within all physical locations of our operating space. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of light switches, phones, computer keyboards/mice and tools.
  • Guaranteeing financial safety for employees to empower them to take time off for any medical reason. “When in doubt, stay home”.

We are continuing to offer floral delivery services from our online shop or over the phone and will continue to deliver to anywhere in BC through Canada Post using our stylish boxes with no required human contact.

For the foreseeable future, we will be closing our physical retail storefront.

Please continue to watch this space for updates, as we will be continuing to revise our policy as the response to the COVID-19 epidemic evolves.

From our team to you, with mindfulness and consideration, we’ll make the best of all this together.