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Caring for your Dried Flower Arrangements!

Get the Most From This Stunning Decor

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
By Becca Engen

One of our favourite products to use here at Bespoke Blossoms is dried! We think dried flower arrangements are such a timeless and beautiful addition to your home, and an added bonus they are everlasting! You or your loved one will be enjoying these florals much longer than their fresh counterparts. As dried floral arrangements filled with persevered flowers aren’t as common we wanted to answer some frequently asked questions about them! Any further questions you may have feel free to reach out.

Just how long is everlasting?

While dried product can last significantly longer, we usually say each arrangement will last 1-2 years based on care and location in your home. 

How to care for your arrangements?

Like most things in our homes, your dried flower arrangements will gather dust. To dust your bouquets we suggest using a hair dryer on low heat to lightly push the dust off. 

How to display?

When you get your arrangement we suggest choosing a non-clear vase such as a beautiful pottery vase or any other designed vase you cannot see through. After you’ve picked your vase, trim the ends of your dried bouquet to fit! Your dried bouquet does not require any water, please do not add it to the vase. 

How to care for a half fresh/half dried bouquet?

For our arrangements that are a mix of both dried and fresh product, care will be a little different to completely dried or completely fresh product. For these bouquets we suggest they start their life with you in a vase with water so you can enjoy the mix of fresh and dried product. When the fresh products no longer looks in its prime, we suggest you hang the entire bouquet upside down to dry out. Chose an area in your house which stays quite dry and leave the bouquet hanging upside down until the flowers are completely dry. This will usually take two to three weeks, however conditions may make the time vary. This method preserve the flowers to be everlasting!

Do you offer custom arrangements?

Yes! After looking through our website if you don’t see the perfect bouquet let us know and we will make it! Please email info@bespokeblossoms.com or call 250-382-0243 to discuss what you are looking for. 

How do I order?

We have a few different methods of ordering! If you are ordering within British Columbia, you can place an order directly on our website or use any other method. If you are ordering from anywhere in the rest of Canada please email info@bespokeblossoms.com or call 250-382-0243. If you’d like to order outside of Canada, stay tuned, we are opening international orders soon!