the couple posing with the llama and all their floral

A bright boho wedding with a Llama!

A bride, a groom, and a llama!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
By Becca Engen

Our favourite weddings are always those that are a little bit out of the box and allow us to have a lot of fun with the creative design work. We always love to see what the couple is planning for their big day and how we can make it as special as possible. This couple came to us wanting a bright boho wedding vibe which we were excited to create for them. Then they told us exactly what wearable pieces they would like and we found out there would be a llama attending the big day! We were so excited to create our first neck garland for a llama! 

The Bride

This bride’s bouquet is actually award winning! It won the most liked bouquet on instagram by the Green Wedding Shoes. We were super excited about that as it is such a beautiful large bouquet which really is award winning! Keeping with the boho vibes, this bouquet is dimensional, bright, and colourful! It combines a bunch of multi-coloured blooms as well as a bit of greenery to compliment the other wedding flowers, particularly the groom and the llama. We love the way it turned out! 

The Llama 

Creating a wearable piece for a llama, or any livestock, isn’t an everyday request here at Bespoke Blossoms but we absolutely loved it! We created this gorgeous wearable to hang around the llamas neck, making sure it complimented both the bride's bouquet as well as the groom's neck garland. The llama was such a fun addition to this already stunning wedding and really added a little bit extra boho vibes to the wedding. 

The Groom 

Not to be outshined by the llama, the groom also had a neck garland created which was a stunning addition to his outfit! This half neck garland started at one shoulder and went behind his back to come down just one side. With extra greenery, the blooms matched the ones in the bride’s bouquet as well as on the llamas neck garland to keep cohesion in all three of their looks. 

We absolutely love how all these pieces turned out and really love the bright and colourful boho vibes all the flowers gave off. Each piece stood out against the darker west coast forest background and complimented the wearer. Not only did both the bride and groom look absolutely gorgeous, so did their friendly llama! 

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Planning by Borrowed and Blue Events

Photography by Myrtle and Moss Photography