Floral Table Lay

The 2023 Wedding Trends Report

Our Forecast for Wedding Trends This Year

Wednesday, January 4, 2023
By Nick Hepner

We are heading into a new year which of course means new trends. As the seasons change, we’re seeing new design trends come out of the big fashion houses, graphic design shops, architecture,  and of course flowers.

We have been around the block a few times in regards to wedding florals. In the 2022 season, alone our team artfully designed over 120 weddings, from intimate elopements to luxury castle weddings.  With all the beautiful work that we’ve seen this past year, we can’t help but be excited about what 2023 holds in store for us. This is our trend report for what we expect to see this year.

5. Floral Installations

Couples are getting more and more creative with venues which allows for some really fabulous designs. We have been seeing more weddings hosted in unexpected locations, such as private properties, forest tents and largely non-traditional wedding venues. Because of this,we’re expecting to see couples investing in wow factor focal features rather than spreading the cream cheese thin for floral touches everywhere. A full green house style ceiling installation, sweeping staircases full of blooms and forgoing the average rectangle arch for custom installations.  Even small scale installations where flowers bring attention and focus to an element of the wedding such as cake tables and signage. Making use of existing elements at a venue is awesome if possible but if that isn’t possible bringing in rental structures to design florals on is a great option as well!

4. Mixed Media

Hanging ribbon with florals over table

We are seeing the use of different textures within floral art used in some really fab ways. Designers are using ribbon, fabric, fruit, mushrooms, moss, pearls and paper to create advanced shapes with a delicate complexity. These elements make for a thoughtful addition of texture and a unique twist to the design. The use of a single element in abundance makes a huge impact. Such as hundreds of hanging ribbons with florals or artfully folded holographic paper in a floral installation. These elements also allow couples to bring their own custom twist to their florals. We’re expecting to see a broader implementation of advanced mixed media and repetition textures in 2023.

Bold Aisle Markers

3. Bold Aisle Markers

Think walking in a meadow,  blooms on each side flanking the aisle.  This stunning look can be achieved in a minimalist or maximalist design style. Both will have a massive impact on the look and feel of your ceremony. To achieve this look and stay on budget ask your designer to help you come up with a repurpose plan to use the aisle flowers for your reception.

2. Mixed table arrangement types

The days of all the reception tables looking the same are gone! We are seeing mixed table shapes such as, rectangle, round, or S shaped tables, and to go along with that we are seeing custom floral arrangements for each table type. The budget impact for this is subtle, but it allows designers to upgrade one or two bouquets, creating massively impactful statement pieces without having to upgrade all of the table arrangements. This also allows a couples budget to go further by having some wow factor arrangements and some more cost friendly ones. Creating an overall wow factor look for the reception space.

1. COLOUR or Not!

This one really is a choose your own adventure these days! This year’s Pantone colour of the year for 2023 is Viva Magenta. The design world has fallen in love with this immediately and the design world is making bold moves toward jewel tones and big, bright, maximalist colour palettes.  With that being said stunning pastel palettes are coming across our design boards in abundance, so we’re definitely not expecting that to go away. Just in case you were planning a simple, clean white and green is never leaving the trend report- its timeless, elegant and will always be a fave.