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Although Valentine’s Day is the holiday that most often sees an uptick in flower delivery sales, why stop with one single day of love? Instead, embrace your local flower delivery service throughout the month of February, rather than sticking to a trademark day to showcase how much you care for someone. There are also a plethora of undeniably gorgeous blooms to treat your sweetheart with loving care without being Valentine’s Day-centric.


Some of our favorite fresh cut flowers that are sensual and classy without being associated with Valentine’s Day flowers are:


Well loved, but by no means trite, these simplistic blossoms are symbolic of happy, care free attitude and finding the beauty in the present moment. Although not grandiose, they come in several color varieties that make them customizable for any special person. They’re even more beautiful when combined with other wildflowers in arrangement that speaks volumes more than “I bought Valentine’s Day leftovers”.


While this flower boasts two-to-five trumpet shaped blossoms on a stalk that’s svelte yet Red, Flowers, strong, it’s a bloom that conveys sophistication, fortitude, and exotic wonder in it’s unusual shape and sensual, bright colors. Their original meaning says it all when you want to convey to your lover, friend, or family that they’re full of “splendid beauty”.


A flower of contentment, these multipetaled beauties are delicate but airy confections that look good without trying too hard. The girl next door of after Valentine’s Day flowers, they say a lot with very little effort and don’t look as if you’re trying too hard. Their bright array of colors fall into the pseudo typical romantic landscape of pinks, reds, and whites, but their mildly sweet scent gives them a lasting impression.


Often seen as one of the quintessential happy flowers, is unique all unto itself because it’s ability to bloom in different sizes of cup and with single or multiple heads to one stalk. They’re light and airy flowers that naturally make people smile without being attributed to cartoon hearts and smiley face heart-eyed emoji’s. A perfect choice for someone dear who needs a pick me up after the emotional crush of an underwhelming Valentine’s Day.