When you have your heart set on bringing the spirit of the harvest to your hearth, there are traditional pots of mums, pumpkins, and silky sheaths of dried corn. But for those who want their sense of interior design to pop, consider these atypical arrangements in your fall bouquets. No less beautiful, but much more unexpected.

Dried Hydrangea

Although not a typical arrangement for the cooler months, stalks of scarlet hydrangea in deep burgundy, plum, or mixed with light fern green bring a touch of warmth to an overwhelming palate of orange, black, and red. For autumn, it’s a vintage, provincial touch to an otherwise simple décor scheme. Whether as an accent with branches or standalone in large bushels in a vase, there’s no need to worry about watering, molting, or other unsightly repercussions of fresh flower arrangements. These elegant, full bodied blooms will last far longer than typical floral faire.

Chinese Lanterns

Perhaps flowers don’t speak to you at all. Yet you still want to present a dreamy, fresh sense of flare in your house without succumbing to buying several bouquets a month to keep your aesthetic. Rather than hurting your wallet, consider investing in Chinese paper lanterns which can stay a part of your cozy, chic décor all year long regardless of the weather. When combined with soft twinkle lights and strewn across the dining room the atmosphere is set for an intimate space that sparkles with a little extra something. If you go beyond the living room or dining room, taking the interior decoration outside onto a patio or balcony, you’ll create a charming, dreamy effect that’s infinitely welcoming to family or friends. If you’re considering switching things up, look into changing white blubs in the lanterns for a pop of color.

Poppy Seed Heads

An often overlooked, offbeat pick, poppy seed heads look like a decoration straight out of Alice in Wonderland. These tall stalks come in a variety of colors, equally appropriate for fall with a chalky khaki or a burnt sienna. Their cylindrical heads end in fluffy tops that look similar to dandelions with a little more finesse. Far more indestructible than a handful of roses, poppy seed heads are still puckish and playful. Whether arranged with other dried flowers or spray painted rose gold, they’re an unexpected decoration that adds a pop of something special. Another fun alternative is arranging them into a wreath to decorate your front door or encircling shimmering sconces for a little burst of holiday magic.

Dried Leaves

Not often seen and fairly overlooked is using a combination of dried leaves for a graceful, subtle arrangement. No less impressive than sprawling flowers in orange, peach, or gold, there other ways to celebrate than harvest than with typical swatches of color. With oak leaves, cattails, dried oats, and other unusual pairings, daring decorators can put together a houseful of on-trend textures.

Autumnal Berry Branches

Not far off the beaten path of twigs and dried flowers is a specimen like celastrus orbiculatus—which is a branch covered in delicate clusters of sunset orange berries. These are hardly the in-your-face pumpkin orange that lends itself to most of our fall favorites. The sophisticated branches are textured, lovely, and easy to assemble into a variety of decorations. Consider pairing them with broad leafed, crimson anthuriums or cranberries for a lush, passionate bouquet.