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When people consider Valentine’s Day flowers, they don’t often consider what to do with them after the day candy hearts and flowers are over—but love doesn’t have to stop because a holiday is over. After a few days rose petals can look a little rough around the edges, we can indulge ourselves in some much needed self-love by using the our rose petals to nourish our minds, bodies, and souls. Not only our hearts.

What flower vendors often don’t tell you is that your stunning bouquet can solve anything from a sore throat to curing cramps and making your skin silky smooth. Some of our favorite floral health benefits include:



Relieve a Sore Throat

By steeping your leftover rose petals in honey to create rose honey and then putting that honey in hot tea, you can take advantage of the roses natural antibacterial properties which can lesson pain and swelling in your throat. Or, if you prefer to make a more straightforward tonic, you can steep your rose petals for rose tea without the honey. All of the same properties apply, but it’s slightly more simple.

Relieve Aches and Pains Dried rose petals

Not only do roses aid in antibacterial processes within our body, but by using our leftover Valentine’s Day floral arrangements to create homemade rose petal massage oil, it takes a lesson in love to a whole other level. Not only can rose massage oil soothe common skin ailments such as rosacea but creating sexy body oil is a stunning show of appreciation for the partner who procured your Valentine’s Day flowers for you in the first place. A repurposed gift with the added bonus on one-on-one time will leave your significant other feeling pampered and possibly passionate.

Give Your Face A Glow

If a dewy glow is your pick me up after a long day, this rose petal mask is a cure for all that ails you. Both soothing and scented in order to relax, your vase of roses can have a second life making your smile even brighter. Invite over girlfriends to conduct your own “Master Class” on recycling rose petals and have them bring their own Valentine’s day flowers for an improvised spa day.

Sweeten Your Baked GoodsRose petals

An often-overlooked self-love element includes nourishing our bodies with the best foods, both for our bodies and for our taste buds. For those who are less inclined to scrub and buff, consider repurposing your rose petals into rose sugar. Rose sugar makes your baked goods or iced drinks smell luscious and decadent—without much time in the kitchen.