There’s an easy and fun way to bring the spirit of the Halloween season without boring house or party guests with less than stellar bouquets of mums and typical carved pumpkins. Rather than searching Pinterest at the eleventh hour, focus on sophisticated arrangements with a touch of sprightly wonder. An easy stroll between glitter covered pumpkins and scarecrows spewing straw, an arrangement doesn’t have be devilish to delight guests.

Hollow Skull Hallows Eve Bouquet

An eye-catching, refined display plays out when you combine a hollowed-out, antiqued skull with marsh grasses, cattails, wheat stalks, and pops of abstract, deep purple florals. It’s romantic and whimsical without being gaudy or atypical of the season. Any combination of earthy stalks and prominent, rich blooms will work. A good rule of thumb is to use smaller flowers so the large parts of the arrangement can be center stage and aren’t being fought by the wild flowers or roses you choose for an accent piece.

Sophisticated Snakes

halloween flower arrangement with snakes and crowIf the absence of color on All Hallows Eve is more to your taste, try combining a bouquet of wooden or sculpted snakes coming up from an edgy but simple black vase. Weave the snakes around a mass of white and neutral flowers for a creepy mod edge. If you’re an overachiever, attempt a sprinkling of moss or spider webs across the soft, dewy petals in ethereal tendrils that don’t take away from the flower arrangement. Some beautiful blooms to highlight in your interpretation could be Balloon Flowers, Japanese Anemone, and a smattering of dusky pink roses.

Candy Corn Vase

If you love these sweet treats, but don’t want to advertise it to the world without a bit of sharp subtly, consider assembling a tasteful bouquet of lightest pale yellow, peach, and cream roses piled together in a stark, silver tringle vase. It’ll have the punch of Candy Corn without the stomach ache. Another option is combining brightly colored ribbons and long twigs making a tree inspired arrangement that you can “plant” in a bed of treats at the bottom of a clear vase.

Skull and rosesGothic Romance

There’s no need to lose an air of mystery or romance during the rush to get the kids out to parties, movies, and trick-or-treating. An easy way to embrace the Victorian era, while leaving all the gilded trappings in the past, is by highlighting deep wine hues with black or gray as a focal point. A stunning mass of deep burgundy Cala Lillies mixed with graceful, voluminous plum dahlia’s and privet berry will walk all over typical Halloween arrangements. This pairing has a little more class and originality than your typical arrangement of black roses.

Another option for more romance without the dark and creepy vibe, but still on trend with the creepiest of all nights, is to stick to a lavender, plum, mauve, and eggplant arrangement where blooms are mixed together with the same continues texture and length.

Halloween Pitcher Arrangement

Forgo a traditional vase for an intricate shape or unique vessel such as purple, black or gold glitter pitcher combined with an abundant arrangement of bright sunflowers, festive orange carnations, and delicate, gauzy purple flowers. By using all types of eye-catching flowers in different daring hues, you’re able to capture the magic of Halloween and the harvest in one bouquet. Another option is to play off of light to neon green hues. Incorporate acid colored mums, green carnations, and pear colored Dahlia’s for a robust, top shelf look that doesn’t scream wicked witch with warts.