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wreath demoFlowers are special all year round but they take on a bit more meaning during the holidays when they’re used to convey emotions that can fall to wayside in the day-to-day of our busy lives. A small gesture that speaks volumes. Especially effective as a classic and thoughtful touch for those in our lives who we don’t quite know what to gift except for an automated gift card. One way to assure our grandparents and elderly friends and family that they’re on our minds this season is to inspire their spaces with wreaths or garlands. If your arrangement comes with the offer of quality time, all the better.

Whether your loved ones are living on their own or relying on aids, an infusion of beautiful blooms and soothing scents will take their personal space to the next level. A festive wreath for their door can unlock a world of stimulating color. Which is sometimes lacking from senior housing development faculties, where everything tends to be cookie cutter and varying shades of taupe. So spicing things up with an arrangement can really elevate an overall boring palate, completely improving a loved one’s mood in the process. Not only do they have an enduring reminder that you’re thinking of them, their overall enjoyment of their environment goes up in the process.

Flowers for SeniorsStudies show that their proximity to fresh flowers can increase memory and processing speeds within our brains as we grow older. A controlled memory test supplied to a hundred seniors proved that over 72 percent scored very high when they had flowers in their living spaces as opposed to those who lived without them. The mood boosting blossoms can engage a compassionate part of our brain that makes us feel loved and cared for while forging intimate connections between people. Which is good news for those families who are separated the majority of the year. A well thought out bouquet can work holiday miracles toward rekindling emotional bonds.

Because seniors work to beautify their physical spaces with personal touches like fresh flowers or wreaths, they feel an overall abundance in their lives making it easier to acknowledge their happiness with their current situations. This perceived mood shift can work its way through every corner of their lives until they feel less agitated, isolated, and anxious. Which puts a little spring in their step much longer than the day they receive their bouquets. The pleasant effects spread to all who come to visit that person and they are more inclined to spread the love in a cause and effect chain that starts from one important, but small gesture.


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