Weddings are known for their uncapped budgets and the pressure to have a naked cake or an all vegan, all organic menu that is petite, beautiful, and leaves guests hungry. Current “on” trends of vintage floral and breezy décor prove that less is more, even if it took over three years to make your effortless, chic theme come to fruition.

Social media pushes the little details, emphasizing small touches. However, what must wedding outlets fail to mention is that the little details don’t make the wedding, rather they draw guests further into the magic of love as a graspable, emotional concept. Guests feel with every aspect of their senses. There’s nothing more sought after during a well-executed wedding masterpiece than a guest’s tiny stifled sniffle behind a handkerchief or a dreamy sigh from a bridesmaid as the couple of the hour recite their own personalized vows.

Which leads brides to the bigger picture on their big day—emotions are paramount. The further you draw your loved ones into the moment, the more memories there will be for a lifetime of sharing around the holidays. There is no better way to evoke emotion than primping and spoiling our littlest princess in the bridal party—the flower girl. One of the first images to resonate in your family and friend’s heart as she walks down the aisle, make your pintsize pixie a memory they’ll never forget by using romantic blooms that evoke love without saying a word.

Flower Crowns: Your Flower Girl Will Make A Textured, Enchanting Entrance

A wild, bohemian style choice that can transition from vintage, rustic glam to a woodland fairy sprite wedding, flower crowns are a surefire way to tug at the heart strings. A charming accessory that can be uncomplicated or dolled up, flower crowns aren’t only for festivals and Snapchat filters. Flower girls can be whimsical or timeless based on bloom choice. Whether the bride goes for large, textured flowers mixed with baby’s breathe or tea roses woven into greenery, there’s no need to worry that a classic crown is basic.

Flower Balls: Victorian or Contemporary, Always Sophisticated

Formally known as a “Pomander” these artfully arranged flower spheres, normally put together with handles or ribbons for carrying, can be full or modestly sized, depending on what the flower girl can safely carry down the aisle. One of the more unique arrangements, a pomander won’t overpower dainty toddlers. They’re also a good option for little ones who like to fling flowers around while they toddle down the aisle—these petite bloom balls don’t damage easily and there’s no chance of her wreaking the arrangement.

Flower Wands: Another Level of Hippie Chic

If flower crowns leave you feeling lacking in the emotion department, try breaking out of the box with a sweet, playful option B—fairy wands draped with petite blossoms, ivy, and maybe even include bubbles. If you’re feeling extra playful. One beautifully draped wand can take guests breath away and it gives your tiny tot a distraction that will keep them both occupied and wrapped up in their own imaginative land while they take their first steps down the aisle.

Garlands: An Easy to Execute Wow Factor

If being on trend tops your list of must-have’s but you want a unique wow factor, opt for one-of-a-kind garlands that luxuriously drape over your flower girl’s dress. These elegant arrangements can turn up the volume on an otherwise trend heavy vintage or forest fairy wedding. Without having to worry about tiny, chubby fists dropping precious bouquets in the dirt or flinging them around like bubble wands. Simply slip a colorful woven arrangement of thorn free flowers and lush vines over their heads for an instant photography wow moment. An off the beaten path alternative that’s still classic and sure to tug heartstrings.

Flower Baskets: A Twist of New and Old

A rustic wedding staple, intricate wicker, wood, or any other woven basket material of choice can be elevated to pure art with the addition of fresh pastels, sensuous succulents, or a bit of bling. These flourishing confections of vines, flowers, and succulents can still have loose petals hidden in the arrangement. Perfect for the flower girl who has her heart set on throwing petals onto the aisle. A traditional choice that can be as transformed into a sleek, fashion forward look with dark, textured flowers and crystals weaved into the outside of the basket or stick to a laid back, West Coast vibe with easy pastels and clinging vines.

Flower Wagons: A Secret Garden Vibe Without the Hassle

Are your flower girls too little to walk or prone to wandering off whenever you rehearse for the big day? Without having to worry about little girls touching everything in sight during the ceremony, tuck them in a cozy, romantic wagon wreathed, knotted, and piled with flowers. If the first bridesmaid in your bridal party or a ring bearer pulls them along get ready for a lot of picture worthy moments. This is a much easier design for brides who want a more relaxed atmosphere at their wedding, while still making an enchanting Secret Garden worthy moment guests won’t soon forget in this lifetime. Once you add a fabulous floral crown or a fairy wand for an accessory, it’s sure to take the moment from awe inducing to unforgettable.

Flower Sashes: Bring Beauty into an Otherwise Limited Budget

When we plan for a magnificent day, our budgets don’t always match up with our imagination—especially when venue contracts can be narrow and hard to navigate for any first-time bride. If you’ve found the perfect spot for the wedding, but the farm of your dreams is lacking a little pizzazz, think of upping your game. Opt for an intricate flower sash draping from your flower girl’s shoulder to her hip, a woven sash of flowers that’ll stun guests without being overly heavy. A dash of sass with a pinch of sweet, floral garlands pair well with indoor weddings or weddings where the floral budget isn’t out of this world.