As wedding trends lean closer to more romantic, simplistic, earthy weddings instead of the elaborate, buttoned up affairs of the last decade, certain flowers are still heavily popular with brides, wedding planners, and venues. Typical bouquets highlight lush roses, playful peonies, elegant hydrangea, and bushels of classic, catch call baby’s breath leaving wedding guests with thoughts that the affair was pretty, but hardly memorable.

Instead of leaving your imagination at the door, enlist a sophisticated, but overlooked bloom as the centerpiece for a bouquet that will leave family and friends speechless. Sophisticated, romantic dahlias enhance centerpieces, bouquets, and any other floral concept without detracting from the beauty of the arrangement as a whole. It’s adaptable shape, plethora of delightful colors, and different textures makes this dahlia beauty a lush cornerstone for a designer bash.

Traveling Back in Time

Not only is the dahlia unique for its sophisticated flair, Dahlias also have a whimsical origin story. Originally used by the Aztecs who ate their sweet potato like roots, they migrated to Europe in the late 1700s. Yet it wasn’t until the mid-1800s that the varietal breeding hit its stride making the bloom popular with gardeners around the globe. The timeless pointed petals are bred off a combination of daisies and zinnias, which make them both equal parts happy go lucky mixed with a splash of finery.

It wasn’t until the Victorian Era when the dahlia took on a greater significance outside of household arrangements and luscious garden landscapes. During that time period, it gained significant meaning and symbolic value as the flower that signified commitment and a bond that lasts forever. A fitting tribute to a bud that can withstand a lot of damage without much wear and tear, whether that be physical or weather related. Dahlia’s are long lasting specimens that don’t need to be babied like other plants.

A Bloom for Every Bride

Dahlias also come in unique shapes and sizes for every possible theme or arrangement. They can be delicate, ethereal small blooms or a large as a dinner plate, textured, pop of color depending on what message you want to send on your fairytale day. Whether they’re paired off as an accent or as the main attraction in a wow factor bouquet, these elegant arrangements are sure to be remembered. From vibrant shades of dark plum and deep rose to soft, subdued peach, or white, whether using tiny sparks of floral enchantment versus their multi-layered, sea creatures of the deep size blooms, these beauties will leave brides in awe. They can easily go from an afternoon wedding to a rehearsal dinner under the stars without losing their oomph because of their protective, densely layered petals.

Not a One Trick Peony

Not only can brides find a style, color, and size to suit their every need, the dahlias strength and hearty nature means it can serve double duty outside of a bouquet. Without having to worry about wilting or temperature damage, these flowers can hold their own as a bountineer for your beloved or threaded through programs or menus cards during the wedding. They’re especially esthetically pleasing when going for an ethereal fairy forest wedding or a laid-back, bare foot ceremony with a gloss of romance around the edges.

Stunning, timeless, and multifaceted, these overlooked flowers can shuttle from whimsical to sophisticate with just the right varietal. There are no shortage of options—the only limit is a budget, and many brides know that’s merely a suggestion, right?


Not Merely a Seasonal Stamp

A bride doesn’t need to worry about the weather when her obsession with dahlia’s springs to life after a quick Google search. Now they’re enchanted, captivated, and dahlia crazy, but what’s a bride to do in the height of spring? Because they can withstand environmental pressures, dahlias are beautiful for most any season. Although, recommended for fall weddings especially, they can be brought out to wow guests in the spring and summer too. They’re a wedding planners best friend! No need to stick to seasonal one note numbers for a wedding. These majestic flowers lend themselves to any time and all the time.