A fundraiser for Island community mental health

This past year we started a wonderful and very rewarding project. A fundraiser for a mental health charity in Victoria B.C- Island community mental health. This project was inspired by a number of reasons. We live in the heart of down town Victoria and see individuals experiencing mental health concerns on a daily bases. We have seen firsthand the need for support for those recovering from mental health and addictions. In the spring of 2018 we had an individual who is very close to the team at Bespoke Blossoms was attacked by someone experiencing a very intense state of psychosis. For these among other reasons the concept for Blooms for Benefit grew. Our goal was to bring awareness and destigmatize the topic of mental health as well as raise funds for Island community mental health. Photographing a verity of people helped us get the message across that mental health effects all of us from Doctors to athletes to models. We connected with local fashion and editorial photographer, Tristan Williams who was willing to donate her time to the project. We started reaching out to amazing local individuals who support mental health initiatives. Between September- Novembers we photographed 12 individuals and groups with beautifully designed custom floral pieces. We created amazing floral looks for each participant. From floral tutus, to flower walls, crowns and rooms full of flowers. We are very excited to share our blooms for benefit calendar and hope that you are able to help us achieve the goals we have set out for the project. How can you help? Spread the world about the calendar or even make a statement about mental health to your own social following. Raising awareness is one of the most important things we can do. And lastly buying an awesome calendar from either our website or Migration to support the cause! We have been very touched at the feedback and willingness for people to help with the project. Thank you! Team Bespoke Blossoms